Ranking the Classic Sonic Games

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Personally, for the time that they had I think this is a really good game. The graphics aren’t bad, the glitches are pretty low, and the plot works out. The one thing I dislike is all the loading screens when you are doing missions. Other than that, this is an absolutely amazing game for the amount of time they had!

That’s why the community as a whole has actually given it a decent rating. I strongly dislike the Adventure games (sorry, I don’t mean to insult anyone who likes them – I know there is a lot of love for them). But of the two I think the first one is better so Sonic it’s always baffling that people rank SA2 higher. I like the Storybook games a lot more than the general population and I’m bummed we never got the third installment they were planning; but, I understand that’s a personal preference thing. In his original form, designed by SEGA of Japan as an edgy alternative to Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog had fangs, an electric guitar and a big-chested girlfriend.

Sonic CD

There are many great Sonic games, there are several acceptable ones, there are a few terrible ones. By effectively weeding out the bad ones, players are presented with a gaming library that transcends most counterparts. I mentioned that I am often found defending my position on Sonic games, but I will no longer do that. The great ones speak for themselves, and if anyone challenges that assumption, then they are encouraged to play any of the seven games listed above. Though not as groundbreaking as its 16-bit counterpart, the 8-bit version of Sonic the Hedgehog is memorable based on differing merits.

  • Sonic Labyrinth being at the very bottom of lists like these always amuses me.
  • While it did leak last week, SEGA today during the gamescom Opening Night event officially revealed that Sonic Frontiers is releasing on November 8.
  • The platforming is fun and fast, while the level design has a sense of character to it that 3D Sonic games often lack.
  • The series’ quality level design paved the way for a fun co-op mechanic that allows players to bring two characters together.

Since I have yet to play Frontiers, and it’s quite a simple process of elimination with the remaining games. It is a curious fact that the best Sonic game in many years, and possibly the best game of the franchise, is born from a simple fan. A proof that when the fan is so fond of a license and has the support of the company responsible for it, great things can be done. No matter where you are in time the detailed backgrounds are gorgeous to look at and the techno score is the perfect soundtrack to the furious action.

WORST: 5. Sonic Unleashed (2008; Xbox 360 PS

Well, upon rewatching the entire franchise, from the Prequels to the Original Trilogy to the Sequel Trilogy, it got this reviewer thinking because the movies are not universally loved, but many of the games definitely are. First, she wants to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a scriptwriter. Second, she wants to find the father she has never met.

If I wasn’t playing through the game, I was watching two of my favourite content creators Somecallmejohnny and ClementJ642 duking it out in the leaderboards. And I didn’t even remember this, but you’ve jogged my memory now — Knuckles’ stages in SA1 were a lot quicker because of that, weren’t they? I know you can come across emerald pieces out of pure luck without the radar in SA2, but the stages are huge in some cases so the chances of that happening are low. The most worthless hints imaginable unless you’ve already played the stage a few dozen times and know the locations through rote memorization. I love Sonic the Hedgehog as a wider franchise, But if I’m really honest with myself, there are only really two not bad 3D Sonic games. And as much as I have nostalgia for Adventure, it’s aged horribly.

The first level, set in the sewers, is probably the only one 90% of players will get to see due to the challenging controls. And the game never quite gets over its gimmicky hump, despite being a relatively good fit for the character. On top of that, the console versions underwent significant revamping with a big delay that replaced a couple of levels that otherwise remained in the mobile versions. Several mine cart levels where you tilt back and forth were found in leaked builds of the Xbox 360 versionbut were left in the mobile versions. There’s a sequel featuring characters from the Sonic Boom games.